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Mocha Red Velvet - Vegan Smoothie Ahimsa Bowl

Growing up I always had a soft spot for cupcakes, my fave was the basic butterfly cake with sprinkles buy hey, when I was a little girl things were simpler! Now there are rainbow cakes, unicorn cakes, and the glorious red velvet cupcake. I love them all.

“I adore mornings spent wandering through my local farmers marker, I always become inspired by the fresh produce and can't wait to get home and start creating something delicious”

Captivated by the cupcake stand at the market on the weekend I decided to recreate and combine two of my fave cupcakes , Red Velvet and Chocolate Orange into a healthy breakfast bowl.

Mocha Red Velvet Smoothie Bowl

The Ingredients

The Method – Could it get any simpler?

  1. Add the Coconut water to your blender followed by the various ingredients in the order listed.

  2. Blend until smooth but still frozen.

  3. Pour into a new bowl and add your favourite toppings!

  4. Sit, stir and enjoy the deliciousness!

As with all my smoothie recipes you can alter the quantities of everything to your own taste.

*To make your smoothie bowl thicker I like to freeze my base fluids such as Almond Milk and Coconut Water into ice cubes then bag them up for using in smoothie bowls.

**If you are using essential oils make sure they are of a high quality food grade

+This is not a sponsored post, all products mention are used because I LOVE them!


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