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Simple Vegan Vanlife S’more Recipe

Baking in a van isn’t really ideal, the lack of an oven makes creating pastries, cookies and cakes difficult.

Over the years we’ve came up with a few recipes that kinda or work.... (pan brownies and cookies anyone?) based on taste anyway! But nothing worth sharing yet.

So we’ve started trying to come up with some simple treats that don’t really require baking.

Sticky, crunchy, gooey and chocolatey these S’mores were seriously so good you will never feel like you’re missing out next time your around the campfire!

Vegan Vanlife Camping S’more Recipe
Simple Vegan S’mores Recipe

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Recipe may be a big statement here as honestly it’s more of a “list of ingredients to assemble”!

Vegan Chocolate and Marshmallow Smores

Makes: 16 S’mores

The Ingredients

  • 1 Pack of Lotus Biscoff

  • Dandies Vegan Marshmallows

  • 1/2 Block (50g) Lindt Dark

  • 1/2 Cup of Oatly Oat Cream

The Method – Could it get any simpler?

We used Lotus Biscoff as our base as they are delicious, easy to find in shops and contain no animal products!) but you could use any type of vegan cookie.

For the filling I used half a block of Lindt Dark chocolate and mixed into it a quarter of a cup of the new Oatly vegan cooking cream, stirring over a low heat until it was combined into a soft and gooey paste. This not only made the filling spreadable it also made it creamier!

I then dipped three marshmallows into the chocolate paste and stuck them on the bottom biscuits before drizzling more chocolate over the top.

Add another crunchy Lotus biscoff to the top, smush it down, and try not to eat them all as you go!


You could use any vegan chocolate in this recipe but I loved how the slight bitterness of the Lindt offset the sweetness of the Dandie Marshmallows and Lotus Biscuits.

Make it Incredible!

If you have any left over chocolate paste add oat milk to it and heat for a creamy hot chocolate to go with your s’mores!

As with all my recipes you can alter the quantities of everything to your own taste. this is not a sponsored post, any products mentioned are used because I LOVE them!

Bon Appétit!

💕Lia xoxo

Vegan Vanlife Camping S’more Recioe
Vegan S’more Recipe
Vegan Vanlife Camping S’more Recipe Lotus Biscoff
Lotus Biscoff Vegan S’mores Recipe
Vegan Vanlife Camping S’more Recipe
Vegan S’mores Recipe


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