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About Me ~ The Unabridged Version

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a scholar, I’ve always sought out answers.  Always questioning and wanting to know more, about how something worked or was created.  Growing up I always had my nose in a book with thirst for knowledge that often leads me down one rabbit hole and into the next. 

I was lucky enough to be raised by a horse mad mum who shared her love of these intelligent and curious creatures with me.  My childhood and early teens was spent riding for hours or caring for our extended furry, feathered and finned family.  My best friends were our dogs and the chickens who I would happily sit with for hours.

In high school one of my favourite topics was Religious Education, and although my family was atheist, I was fascinated with the concept of God.  It was here I discovered paganism and my solitary spiritual practice was born.  I've always had a connection with the earth and her creatures and it just made sense to me. 

A quintessential Maiden, Persephone, I never thought about what I would do once I finished high school, I also loved science and history but I never truly wanted to be anything else other than a professional equestrian rider. Until I hit my late teens and Aphrodite's energy of The Lover awakened.

And I discovered boys...

Suddenly horses didn’t seem quite so interesting and I became resentful of all the time I had to spend each day looking after them and each weekend competing in shows. 

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After high school, a little lost and with no firm idea of what to study at uni I froze.  I took a few months off in the UK , that turned into a year and a marriage.  We returned to Australia and I studied to be an accountant, and a naturopath.  The accounting so I could work for my family’s company, the naturopathy because by that stage I had been a practicing witch for around 7 years and was in love with plants and how we could harness their magic to create wholeness within ourselves.


Before I finished the Naturopathy I had a baby, closely followed by two more and my life seemed set.  I was doing everything right.  We had the perfect family, a nice home, I worked for my parents and should have been desperately happy, yet I wasn’t.  


I didn’t like the living in the suburbs, surrounded by people who cared more about things than beings.  About buying bigger cars and new houses and not the about the land that they lived on.  I felt disconnected from what really mattered.  I still kept up with my practice but felt isolated and alone, with no one to reach out to for deep conversations or connect with in anything more than a superficial space.

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My relationship was also going through a “slump”.  We took each other for granted and our only conversations were about logistics.  There was no passion, no connection.  I wanted more but still had no idea what that more was.


I started with my relationship, we sat down and went through all the ways it wasn’t working, and what we could do to make it stronger.  We decided I would move out and we would start to “date” again.  I was excited, I had seen this work for friends and was hoping it would for us as well.


I was out less than two weeks when I received a message that rocked my world and changed how I now perceived my whole relationship.  This part of my history isn’t just mine to share, it belongs to my children so I won’t go into details, but from this point on I knew the marriage was unsalvageable.

Image by Annie Spratt

We moved on and I began living on my own for the first time ever.  I was like a child with no idea what I liked or wanted.  I began to regain trust in my intuition, I said yes to everything once and engaged fully in each moment. 

I returned to my roots and began to spend more time outdoors.  I moved into a tiny shack by the beach and restuded for my yoga teaching certifications.  I went hiking, this led to rock climbing and camping, something I hadn’t done since my teenage years.  I found out I LOVED baths, especially after the aforementioned activities!

I learned to paddle board and failed dismally at surfing.  I gave up trying to ride the waves and got my scuba diving certificate instead.  I appreciate the serenity that comes with being below the surface.  I feel calm and could happily spend the whole time searching for the smallest nudibranchs or watching the feather stars float past. 

I discovered I had a voice and could advocate for those who couldn’t speak up for themselves.  I despise injustice and exploitation and will always fight where, and when, I can.

It was a time of discovery, and I loved every second of it.  I knew that it was all a part of finding myself.

Image by Annie Spratt

Eventually I found stillness again, but this time I wasn’t passive, unsure of where to tread, I was content.

I fell in love, with myself first, and then with another human.  One who was different in everyway from my previous partner, who challenged my thoughts and whose life path was completely foreign to anything I’d came across before.  But whose ethics matched mine and whose non-conventional lifestyle was exactly what I was looking for.


I began teaching yoga full time, something I had dreamed about being able to do since I first began my studies twenty years ago and that leaves me fulfilled and excited for every class.  To create a space for people to find stillness is a magical gift and I love being able to offer that to others.


Yoga isn’t just a single path, and through my studies I’ve been exposed to a huge variety of different teachings which have entranced and captivated me along my journey.  From Kundalini and Tantra, to Yin and Nāda yoga.


Throughout everything I continued to practice my earth based spirituality, following the seasons and lunar cycles and creating different rituals and spells as I’ve needed them.  Its as natural to me as breathing.


I stopped trying to test or prove my feelings, visions and dreams were true and began to just accept them.  Funnily enough it was once I began to stop questioning them I was often shown they were right!


The more time I spend outdoors, the stronger my affinity with plants and the wild grows and I finally feel as though I am completely content.  This doesn’t mean I am happy each day, but I know that I am living the life I was meant to, complete with the spiral of emotions and events that life brings.

A huge part of this is the connections I have made and the women who I have in my life.  I understand now that the most important thing abut life is the community we share it with.  Supporting one another and collaborating in our lives instead of tearing down and competing.

So this is my goal, my vision, my why. 


To share these teachings I have learned with other women, to create a network of warm, genuine connections that spread out in a spiral, like the hive of the beautiful native Australian stingless bees, Tetragonula Carbonaria.  Always advancing, getting more beautiful as it grows.


To help women regain the wild part of themselves, to reconnect to Maa, the earth and all her seasons and cycles.  To support them as they reconnect to themselves, to their own knowing, their fundamental needs.


So if you have read this far, thank you.  These words were easy to write, but difficult to share.  They brought up many emotions but I hope they help you get to know me a little better, and what drives me to offer the services I do.

Image by Alysa Bajenaru

About Me ~ The Abridged Version

I am a Wild Woman

A mother

A daughter

A lover

A partner

A friend

I am a Yogi

A teacher

An activist

A healer

A herbalist

A wanderer

I am a Goddess

A writer

A poet

An artist

A creatrix

A warrior

I am Simply Me

The Essential Qualifications

I know that we never stop learning and have studied, or am currently studying, and am certified in the following modalities which I combine to create my own unique and heartfelt offerings.

  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

  • 200 hr Hatha Yoga Teacher

  • 144 hr Kundalini Meditation Teacher

  • 70 hr Yin Yoga Teacher

  • 200 hr Kundalini Yoga Teacher

  • Restorative Yoga Teacher

  • Ayurvedic Nutritionist

  • Certified Cacao Facilitator

  • Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher

  • Somatic Healing Teacher

  • Sound Healing Practitioner

  • Reiki Master

  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher

  • Yoga for Arthritis Specialist

  • Mindfulness Teacher & Trainer

  • Herbal Apprentice

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Why Choose to Work with Me?

Choosing someone to work with is a big decision.  You want to make sure they have the skills in the right areas, but most importantly, you want to make sure they get YOU and what you're trying to achieve.

Whether your goal is to begin leading Women's Circles, deepen your spiritual or meditation practice, develop effective habits that will help you achieve your goals, or begin to take control of your life and business, I've got you!

I know as women we can have it all, without becoming burnt out, and I am dedicated to supporting and guiding you along the way.

Lia Work.jpg

So why should you want to work with me?


Passionate ~ I love helping women create a work life integration that allows them to succeed in every area of their life!


Experienced ~ With over 18 years studying yoga and 19 years experience in the financial management sector working for large national companies, I am using my combined knowledge and skills to help you elevate all areas of your life.


Local ~ I'm located in Australia and am available when you are.


Bespoke ~ You're not just a number to me. I offer a custom service that will allow you to focus on what matters.


Holistic ~ Life is not a single focus pursuit. As a mum of three, yoga teacher, ayurvedic nutritionist and passionate activist I can support and encourage you in creating an integrated lifestyle that allows you to live a life you love everyday.

Come join me at one of my in person events or online. Send me a message and let me know how I can help you or connect with me on Instagram where I share my life and teachings xoxo


With eternal love + gratitude,


Lia Skye

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