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Om Aieem Namah ~ A Mantra for Creativity & Wisdom

Om Aieem Namah is a beautiful Sanskrit mantra which can be translated as “my true self is inspired and wise” and works perfectly with Ajna Chakra.

~ Om is a seed mantra associated with opening the Crown chakra. Believed to be the sound of creation it contains the possibility for endless potential.

~ Aieem is also a Bija, often associated with the famine energy and the qualities of Saraswati, goddess of universal wisdom and creativity.

~ Namah can translate to “I Bend” or “I Bow” and speaks to honouring both ourselves and a power greater than the self. It helps us reveal the true essence, dissolving limiting beliefs and illusions.

We can use this mantra when the flow of creativity is blocked to help activate the energetic pathways, unveiling our imagination, inspiration and wisdom.

If you are working, studying or find yourself mentally fatigued throughout the day, you can harness the mantras power by sitting quietly and using it in meditation.


Begin by sitting comfortably, close your eyes down and focus your attention through the third eye chakra.

Breathe in and on the exhale repeat the mantra slowly and with consideration.

Repeat on each exhalation 108 times.

After your last exhalation sit quietly for 60 seconds and allow your body to absorb the practice before slowly blinking open your eyes.

Mala beads make it easy to keep count but you can also use the guided meditation below to remove the stress of counting.


Lia Skye


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