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Rewild & Reconnect

“The sacred feminine encourages us to embrace our emotions as a source of strength rather than weakness. 

It reminds us that vulnerability is not synonymous with fragility but is a gateway to deep healing and connection.”

Empowering Women to Embrace the Sacred Feminine Within

our vision

Our vision is to create a world where women are empowered within the sacred feminine, embracing their inherent divine essence, wisdom, and strength.


Through holistic practices and nurturing communities, we aim to cultivate a deep connection with our innate feminine power, allowing women to fully embody their authentic selves.


We envision a society where women are celebrated for their unique gifts and contributions, fostering equality, balance, and harmony in all aspects of life.


Together, let us empower women to reclaim their rightful place as powerful leaders, healers, and catalysts for positive change, as we honour and uplift the sacred feminine within ourselves and in the world around us.

Image by Annie Spratt

Our earth is our mother, she is the womb in which we are all growing.  She nurtures us, sustains us, teaches us, guides us.  Without her we cannot exist.  Our relationship with Maa,  the energy of the earth is the foundation for our very existence.

Path of the Sacred Feminine Training

The Path of the Sacred Feminine training is an exploration of the 8 Seasonal Portals through the energy of the feminine and the mythology of the goddess.

It is nonlinear, a path of swirls, of spirals.  One that descends down into the dark, then spirals back up to the light.  Continually moving, changing, expanding, contracting as we grow.

It is learning to live in alignment with nature.  


Her seasons.


Her cycles.

Descending into the dark to rest and release and then spirals back up again to the light.  Rewilding our souls, remembering who we are It is path that dances in the rainstorms, that basks in the sunlight, that floats on the petals and leaves as they fall to the earth.

It is path of Shakti, the divine feminine energy that exists within everything.  She who manifests in an infinity of different ways, yet who at her core is one.

It is the path of the Earth Goddess. 

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