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Mentorship & Coaching

Support is important, but accountability is what gets s*#t done!

Fed up with not following through on your great ideas?  Always starting but not finishing projects?  Just feel like you need some guidance?

I'm here for YOU!

Why Do You Need a Mentor or Coach?

You may know what you have to do but without someone holding you accountable, reminding you of what's important and advising you along the way, its easy to stray from the path.


This is true whether in business or life.


Think of how much better you succeed in health journeys when part of a group. Its why group fitness is so popular.


In the 90's my Nan used to go to Weight Watchers weekly weigh ins, damn if she didn't suddenly start keeping to her diet once that started!

Now think of how well you perform when you have a deadline coming up. You could have had months to prepare but in those last few moments leading up to d-day, suddenly you're performance skyrockets and you not only finish what you started, you outperform your wildest expectations!


When you engage me as your Accountability Mentor, THIS 👆 is what happens.

Choosing someone to work with is a big decision.  You want to make sure they have the skills in the right areas, but most importantly, you want to make sure they get YOU and what you're trying to achieve.

Why Choose to Work with Me?

Whether your goal is to deepen your spiritual or meditation practice, develop effective habits that will help you achieve your goals, or begin to take control of your life and business, I've got you!

I know as women we can have it all, without becoming burnt out, and I am dedicated to supporting and guiding you along the way.

So why should you want to work with me?


Passionate ~ I love helping women create a work life integration that allows them to succeed in every area of their life!


Experienced ~ With over 18 years studying yoga and 19 years experience in the financial management sector working for large national companies, I am using my combined knowledge and skills to help you elevate all areas of your life.


Local ~ I'm located in Australia and am available when you are.


Bespoke ~ You're not just a number to me. I offer a custom service that will allow you to focus on what matters.


Holistic ~ Life is not a single focus pursuit. As a mum of three, business owner, yoga teacher and passionate activist I can support and encourage you in creating an integrated lifestyle that allows you to live a life you love everyday.

Image by Annie Spratt

If YOU want to make a change, you will. 


If you don't you'll find an excuse.


 Step into your feminine power and start creating your dream life today!

What Services do I Offer?

I offer two bespoke services to help you succeed in every area of your life.

If you are looking to completely transform your life my signature program, Path of the Sacred Feminine is the investment you need to make in yourself.

Over 8 live group trainings you will learn how to:

~ shift your perceptions

~ cultivate a mindset of Abundance

~ prioritise your needs

~ elevate your self worth

~ value your time and wisdom

~ recognise limiting beliefs that may be holding you back

~ redefine your relationship with money

~ begin aligning your life with your personal cycles

~ discover your Dharma, what lights you up, what are you being called to do?


PLUS so much more.

What is Accountability?

Accountability is the "secret to success".  You can have all the best intentions in the world, but without someone holding you accountable and guiding you along the way, its easy to wander off the path.

Whether you are commited to making changes in your personal life or business,  I have the skillset to guide and support you.


These sessions are seriously game changing so if you are ready to put in the work then I am here for you. 110% devoted and ready to help you succeed.

A minimum of three sessions, is essential to getting results.  I want to see you succeed, so only work with women who are 110% committed to putting in the effort to make and sustain change

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