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Weekly Reflections - Our little family just grew 🐾

A peek into my days and thoughts

Hello beautiful folks,


This week has been an exciting one for our little family, as its grown just a bit bigger. 🐾


We’ve always had animal companions but when our last cat passed away 5 years ago, we we're all heartbroken and decided to wait before introducing another feline into our family.   

That wait grew and grew, until we met Chester, a sweet yet playful boy who had been up for adoption for a little over three months and who we feel in love with as soon as he laid his pretty blue eyes on us.


The first few days he was super quiet, a little shy but brave enough to come out for cuddles and pats then suddenly Whoa! It feels as though he’s running on double time, speeding all over the house and knocking over everything in his path.  Jumping onto the stove when I’m cooking and then into the sink when he sees us doing dishes.  Toilet seats have to be checked and kept down as he’s already fell in once and do not, under any circumstances, leave your tea cup unsupervised!


It reminds me a little of when the kids were toddlers.  I’ve had to baby proof the house and remove everything that he can chew on or knock over and he loves to wake me up at 3:30am crying so I’m starting each day a little sleep deprived. 

But filled with a lot of love, and at least this time round the kids are older and can share in the cleaning and feeding of him!


Chester our newest family member

Having Chester has made me extra sensitive to the mums out there with young babies and children. With my three all in double digits now its easy to forget how little time you get alone and the things I used to do so that I could still have some space for “me” time. 


Mum or not, I would love to know when you manage to fit in time for yourself, and how do you spend it?  What do you do to relax and reset your nervous system? 


Just hit reply or send me a message on Instagram and let me know, “How can I support you look after yourself?” Or just spam me with photos of your animal companions 😊



I hope you have a beautiful, nourishing week,


💖 Lia xoxo


PS If you are free this Sunday and the weathers not rainy I’m holding a cacao and sound bath circle by the water in Wellington Point and I'd love you to join me!  Click the link below for more details xoxo



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