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Rituals for the First Quarter Moon in Taurus

Your Weekly Vedic Jyotish Astrology Moon Rituals

Hello Beautiful Folks 🌓


As we navigate the energetic shift from the New Moon in Aquarius to the First Quarter Moon in Taurus, we are called to ground ourselves and focus on manifesting our intentions.


Taurus is an earth sign known for its stability, practicality, and ability to bring our dreams into physical form. This First Quarter Moon is a time to take action, focus on our goals, and start laying the foundation for our desires to come to fruition 💫


During this phase of the lunar cycle, we are encouraged to slow down, connect with our senses, and cultivate a sense of abundance and gratitude. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, reminding us to appreciate the beauty in the world around us and to nurture ourselves and our dreams with love and care.


The First Quarter Moon in Taurus is a time for practicality and resourcefulness, so for our ritual this week we are going to ground into the energy of the earth, before we take a moment to assess our progress towards the goals we set last week and make any necessary adjustments or course corrections.


Taurus encourages us to be patient and persistent in our efforts, trusting that slow and steady progress will lead us to success.


First Quarter Moon in Taurus Free Moon Astrology Forecast & Rituals

Before you begin this ritual go for a walk and find a rock or stone that calls to you.  Bring it with you with the promise to return it once this moon cycle is complete.


On the eve of the first quarter moon sit outdoors with your body touching the earth if possible, or if you are inside somewhere quiet.  Keep your stone near you.


Read over your journal from the new moon and begin noting down what progress you have made towards your goal.  Holding the stone or rock  in your hand, think of the practical steps you still have to take and ask the element of earth for assistance in grounding your dreams and goals into reality.


Contemplate the questions, “In what ways can I nurture myself and my dreams with love and care during this phase of the lunar cycle? What practical steps can I take to move closer to my financial goals or aspirations?”


Journal down any notes that may come to you and make a note of your next action steps.


🙏 Before you finish thank Maa and the elements for all their help.


Keep the stone near your desk or table where you can see it often as a reminder of what you need to do.


Wishing you the sweetest dreams for a beautiful week, 🌙


💖 Lia Skye xoxo



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