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Rituals for the New Moon in Aquarius

Your Weekly Vedic Jyotish Astrology Moon Rituals

Happy New Moon Beautiful Souls 🌑


The new moons energy is once again upon us, bringing with it the ever renewing cycle of hope and new beginning.


This new moon sits within the Air sign of Aquarius, which I’ve always found confusing due to its name!


🌟For your new moon ritual this week we are going to explore what changes we are wanting to bring into to our lives for this moon cycle.


Find somewhere quiet where you can be alone with your thoughts, preferable outdoors or near a window so you can feel the breath of the earth touching your skin and begin thinking about what changes you want to make in your life.  This could be a new project you want to work on, or simply to prioritise spending more time with those you love.


New Moon in Aquarius Free Moon Astrology Forecast & Rituals

Aquarius is a social sign that values collaboration and working towards a common goal, so its an ideal time to reach out to friends, colleagues, and like-minded individuals to collaborate on projects and initiatives that align with your passions and values.


Contemplate the questions, “What new projects or initiatives am I inspired to pursue? “How can I connect with like-minded individuals or build a community that supports my personal or professional goals?”


Once you have an idea of what changes you want to accomplish, make a few notes in your journal as to action steps you need to take over the next few weeks to make it a reality.


Before you finish whisper your hopes, dreams or goals to the wind, and ask the element of Air for help in achieving them.


Sweet dreams 🌙


💖 Lia Skye xoxo



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