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Outdoor Adventures

Image by Joris Visser


From mountain top sunrises to overnight adventures. 

Hiking and Climbing take you to some of Australia's prettiest places

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I've always been at my most content when I was outdoors.  Whether that was on horseback or a knee board, I was happiest growing up with the wind in my hair and my feet flying across the ground.  

Whether its hiking, camping, rock climbing or stand up paddle boarding, I love spending time outdoors exploring new places.

I adore the sense of stillness that comes with hiking and am lucky enough in my adopted home of Brisbane to be surrounded by an amazing array of different hikes, from coastal treks to mountains and waterfalls.

A beautiful side affect of hiking and climbing is that I have been able to visit a wide variety of camp grounds, from the beach to the bush, around Queensland and Northern NSW.  

When I'm in an area I like to immerse myself in the regions attractions, as well as appreciate the local cuisine and of course, hike as much as I can.


Browse below to see some of the hikes I have done, and campsites I've visited, and hopefully you'll feel motivated to get outside and enjoy them for yourself!

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