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5 Surprising Essential, Vegan Hiking Non-essentials I keep in my backpack!

Osprey Sirrus Backpack
Looking out to Tibro and showing off my AMAZING Osprey Sirrus backpack.

I'm normally a light packer. If I don't have to carry extra weight I won't. In fact for most hikes under 4 hours I literally take just my small trail running camelbak containing water, mini first aid kit and a vegan snack such as a protein ball or seed bar.

For bigger adventures (or ones I know have the potential to extend into epic journeys!) I'll take a few extras.

In most hiking packs you’ll find all the standard items, first aid kit, water etc and maybe for those serious hikers some more specialised terms such as a GPS tracker or Personal Locator Beacon devices. But then occasionally you’ll come across someone with something a little bit quirky that doesn’t seem like it quite belongs....

My Essential Non Essentials

1 Vegemite – Not only a delicious on toast vegemite is perfect for helping keep cramps at bay while you’re getting hot and sweaty on the trail. The B vitamins will give you an energy boost without the sugar and according to Bro-science it may also help make you unappetizing to mosquitoes!

Vegemite tube
Vegemite in a tube! Convienient and Delicious.

2. NADS Wax Strips – if you’ve ever been hiking and accidently put your hand on a stinging tree you’ll be grateful for these little essentials. Simply place on the affected areas and it removes all the stings straight away. Add some stingose and you’re good to go again!

Nads Wax Strips - Vegan friendly and the perfect size for travel!
Nads Wax Strips - Vegan friendly and the perfect size for travel!

3. H2Coco Coffee Coconut Water - Coconut Water is a real rehydrator and I am just a little bit in love with the coffee version. Nothing like a caffeine hit while your on the trail or preparing to send an epic climb! For summer hikes you can always freeze it before you leave the house but I don’t mind drinking it at room temperature, after all Coconuts don’t come chilled from the tree!

H2COCO CocoEspresso Coconut Water 350ml
H2COCO CocoEspresso Coconut Water 350ml

4. Tiger Balm – This little tub of goodness helps in many ways, from soothing sore muscles after an epic multi day hike to keeping leeches and bugs at bay its always handy to keep some around. I first heard about it from one of my guides on Mt Trusmadi in Borneo and it has become a staple on my pack ever since.

Tiger Balm Ointment - A great alternative mosquito repellent
Tiger Balm Ointment - A great alternative mosquito repellent

5. A nail file! There’s nothing more annoying then a hangnail when you’re out climbing on rocks and personal maintenance is important as well of course! Plus if you're climbing and get a hard blister you can file it down so it doesn't tear!

EcoTools Bamboo Nail Files
EcoTools Bamboo Nail Files

If you have any weird or unusual hiking hacks i'd love to hear about them! Send me an email or leave a comment below!

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Happy Adventuring,

💕 Lia

“Lost is a state of mind, I prefer to think of it as exploring” - Lia Skye


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