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Rituals for the Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio

Your Weekly Vedic Jyotish Astrology Moon Rituals

Happy Last Quarter Moon Beautiful Folks 🌗


The last quarter moon is a time when the moon is in perfect balance, but is about to begin its descent into rest and darkness.  It reminds us of the need to wind down, release and prepare for rest and with the moon in the astrological sign of Scorpio, a water sign, it’s the perfect opportunity to check in your emotions and see what you need to let go of.


This moon ritual is best performed outdoors.  If you are close to a natural body of water, go sit beside it beneath the evening sky and contemplate anything you may have been holding on to that you want to release. 🌊


Contemplate the questions, “Are there areas where balance eludes you?” “ Are there relationships in need of reconciliation or boundaries?”


Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio Free Moon Astrology Forecast & Rituals

Write it all down in your journal and then, find a natural item such as a leaf or pebble and holding it in your hands and visualise the energy of what you want to be released transmit into the item.


💦 After you feel that it has been passed along, thank the object that has received it and place or throw it into the water. 


If you are in your home, leave the object outside and when you are next near some water, hand it over them, thinking Maa, our earth mother and the water element for receiving it.


If possible have a bath or shower after you’ve finished to help you physically and energetically wash away that what you wish to release.


Sweet dreams,


💖 Lia Skye xoxo



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