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Last Quarter Moon in Libra Vedic Jyotish Astrology

Your Weekly Moon Forecast

💖 Happy Last Quarter Moon beautiful souls

As we bask under the glow of the Last Quarter Moon in Libra, the cosmos beckons us to find harmony within the delicate dance of balance and reflection.


As the moon is perfectly balanced between light and dark, between full and new, so the energy of Libra, the sign of balance and relationships, encourages us to seek equilibrium in our lives and within ourselves.


Libra, the gentle air sign ruled by Venus, invites us to explore the beauty of compromise, diplomacy, and the pursuit of fairness. It's a time to reassess our connections, both with others and with our own inner selves. 💫


As you moon bathe this eve take a moment to reflect on the scales of your own existence.  Are there areas where balance eludes you?  Are there relationships in need of reconciliation or boundaries? 💖

Balancing Act: Last Quarter Moon in Libra Free Moon Astrology Forecast

Let this lunar phase serve as a gentle reminder to realign our energies and recalibrate our intentions. ✨ Whether it's finding equilibrium in our work-life balance or nurturing the give-and-take of our closest relationships, may we navigate with grace and authenticity.


The energy of the waning moon is perfect to release that which is keeping you out of balance.


If it resonates with you allow the affirmation “In harmony, I find strength, in reflection, I find wisdom." to flow through you as you sit quietly beneath the moon and repeat it to yourself silently. 🌟🌿


I hope this inspires you to go outside and enjoy the waning energy of the moon as she begins her descent into darkness and to cherish the beauty of equilibrium in all its forms. 🙏🌗💖 


Sweet dreams


Lia Skye xoxo



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