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A History of Women's Circles Training Australia

What is a Women’s Circle?

Learn why Women meet in Circle in our Women's Circle Trainings in Australia

A sacred feminine women's circle is a supportive and sacred space where women come together to connect with and explore their feminine essence, spirituality, and personal growth. It is a gathering of like-minded women who are committed to honouring and nurturing their own divine feminine energy and supporting others.

Women Standing in Circle with Lia Skye

Women need a safe space to gather

It is a safe space for women to engage in various practices and rituals such as meditation, prayer, visualisation, journaling, sharing stories, and engaging in meaningful discussions. The circle provides a non-judgmental environment for women to express themselves authentically, share their experiences, and support each other on their individual journeys.

The Intention of a Womens Circles

The intention of a sacred feminine women's circle is to reclaim and honour the power and wisdom of the feminine, both within ourselves and in the world. It serves as a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of women, fostering a sense of sisterhood and unity. Through this sacred space, women can tap into their intuition, embrace their authentic selves, heal past wounds, and cultivate a deeper connection with their own divinity and the sacred feminine energy that resides within them.

Learn to Hold Your Own Womens Circle

If you would like to learn how to hold your own women's circle, click the button below to view my upcoming Women's Circle Trainings Australia and download the information booklet for the course curriculum

with love + gratitude,

Lia Skye xoxo


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