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Earth Goddess Collective

Join us in virtual circle to connect with other like minded souls & share in the collective energy as we consciously create our dream life.

Connect & Grow

If you are looking for inspiration, motivation and education, then join me on your journey to living an empowered, purposeful life!


Do you want to connect with other like minded souls & share in the collective energy as we begin consciously creating a life we love?

Have you forgotten what it feels like to unite with & trust in your intuition?

Are you ready to dive in & grow some lasting, positive changes in your life?

The Earth Goddess Collective has been created by women like you, for YOU!

No matter what stage of life you are at, we all need connection and creativity.

When I decided to facilitate these gatherings I had one vision in mind, to bring women together so they could connect and relax in a supportive, nurturing environment.


After holding space for women in circle and hearing the struggles they faced in just getting out the door, I knew I also wanted a way to come together, no matter where we were located and what life threw at us.


In the Earth Goddess Collective we will meet online once a month on the first Monday after the New Moon to connect, with each other, and the earth, meditate and share our lives.  

Through our gatherings we will support one another and lift each other up so that together we grow strong, confident and begin to discover new aspects of our true self, manifesting our desires within a safe, nurturing and supportive space.

As well as meeting online we will also come together in person for Wellness Workshops, Retreats and online Yoga & Meditation classes!

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So please come join us from the comfort of your own sacred space, as we work with the energy of nature to Celebrate our accomplishments, Release what no longer serves us & Manifest the life we always wanted to live.

Click the button below to join today and learn more about whats included in your membership.

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