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Living Ahimsa Daily

Living Ahimsa is a way of living your life so that you cause as little harm as possible.  To yourself, the environment, and the other beings who share this magnificent plant with us.

Through these posts and musings I hope to share all aspects of my life so that you can see how easy and fun it is to live a life of compassion, a life of non violence, where suffering is alleviated wherever possible and the simple act of living kindly is celebrated.

This isn't just a blog dedicated to yoga and meditation, I have included recipes and outdoor adventures, as well as everyday actions taken by everyday people.  I hope that what you read here enriches your world and makes you think that little bit more carefully about how you tread upon this earth, and how your life impacts those you share it with.


Join me on my hiking and camping adventures throughout South East QLD, Northern NSW and beyond!

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From Gluten Free  Cookies to Mac & Cheeze, some quick, simple and delicious recipes that I love to create!

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Living with compassion is the greatest gift we can give.  To ourselves, the planet, and those we share it with.

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