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Image by Christopher Carson
Image by Lionel HESRY

Animal Liberation

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Unfortunately due to social conditioning most humans don't look at the meat on their plate as a once living, breathing, sentient being.  They see it as a product, not an animal.

Through education and exposure I hope to make you question your decision to eat animals and help you transition from being an Animal Abuser, to a true Animal Lover.


Animal abuse is rife within the animal agriculture industry, the laws that govern animal rights outside slaughterhouses does not exist within and despite what you may have been led to believe, there is no such thing as a "humane" way to take the life of a being who doesn't want to die.

For example the RSPCA says that blending live baby boy chickens, some only hours old into pieces, is a humane way of killing them as they are a "waste" product of the egg industry.  Does being chopped up while still alive sound like a way you would like to die?

With the readiness of information at our fingertips these days, ignorance is no excuse and as your money directly funds these atrocities, you can make a difference simply by refusing to purchase eggs, meat and dairy or other animal products such as leather or down.

I have included in this section some of the most honest videos I have ever watched, documentaries and speeches that have opened my eyes to the standard exploitation practices within Australia's animal agriculture industry.  I have also linked websites and facebook groups that can help you on your journey, together with information on how you can start living a life of compassion.

Practicing Ahimsa

From slaughterhouses, to racetracks and factory farms.  We are there, we see you, and we won't be silenced, 

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