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Vegan Cheese

Image by Alice Donovan Rouse

Vegan Cheese

Cashew Brie

 Soy Based Feta

Almond Spreads

Stilton Style Blue

Melty Mozzarella

and many more.

​Vegan cheeses are so hit and miss I actually gave up trying them a few years ago.  However the constant requests from friends, family and strangers to share my recommendations on what ones  are good has prompted me to revisit the new range of artisan cheeses that have emerged over the past few years.

Incredibly they have come along way since the inception of BioCheese and gooey, pungent, creamy cheeses no longer come at the cost of innocent calves lives!

I’ll add to the reviews below as I continue to try more varieties and if there are any in particular you want me to try, send me a message or let me know in the comments below any of the posts!

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