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Yoga in the Park

Image by Kaylee Garrett

Park Yoga

There's something magical about practicing beneath the open sky.

The sound of the waves, the birds and the breeze surrounding you.

Join me once a month for Park Yoga!


There's something magical about practicing yoga beneath the open sky, listening to the sounds of the birds in the trees, breathing in the fresh air and feeling your tension dissolve.

Where are Classes Held?

Classes are held at the Wellington Point Foreshore Park East.  Visit our Meditation & Yoga Page to see when the next class is on!


What Happens if it Rains?

If rain is forecasted classes will be cancelled by 7pm the evening before the class. This will be posted on the Facebook Page which you can find here: Living Ahimsa Yoga


What Do I Need to Bring?

Please bring a mat, picnic blanket and any props you may wish to use.  Blocks, bolsters, straps, whatever makes your practice easier!

Although we do practice beneath the shade of a tree I recommend you wear sunscreen.

Sometimes the local bug residents can become overly familiar so insect repellent is optional but if you do decide to use it, please apply before arriving to class so as not to affect the other students.

A picnic blanket is nice to place under your mat for added padding and to protect your mat from any dew that may still be on the grass.

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