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Sound Healing

Living Ahimsa Sound Bowl Healing Landscape_edited.jpg

Sound Healing

We are sound, we are resonance, we are energy.


We can heal ourselves through sound, through pure vibrations. 

Words are incapable of completely describing the feelings that come over you the first time you feel the magic of Crystal Sound Bowls.

The deep peace that suffuses your body.

The increased mental clarity of mind.

Each bowl is tuned to a different frequency which when played has the ability to bring your mind into a state of complete rest, your brainwaves slowly transitioning down into theta state.


Not just an amazing meditation tool sound healing has been used to treat many states of dis-ease such as chronic pain relief, lowering blood pressure, calming overactive adrenals and mood disorders.

We offer group sound healing sessions as well as private and in home appointments.  If you have a group of girlfriends you feel could benefit from this experience we also offer private group sessions.

Contact us for availability and to book in for a private appointment, or click below to find our next magical session!

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