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Live your life in alignment with the seasons of nature with this downloadable Seasonal Calendar.


Showcasing each of the major seasonal points in the year it is available A3 and A4 size for you to download and print immediately and fit perfectly into these frames from ikea. 

Perfect for mounting on the wall or adding to your journal!


You can also purchase the matching Lunar Calendar allowing you to tune in to both the Yin and the Yang energies.


If you would like to learn more about working with the seasonal energies come check out the Earth Goddess Collective where we meet monthly online to connect, share & grow.


Please note this calendar is specific to the 2023 solar year and has the exact dates as they fall within the Southern Hemisphere.  View my other products for a more generalised calendar or the Northern Hemisphere dates

Solar Calendar 2023 Southern Hemisphere Wheel of the Year Seasonal Sabbat Print

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