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The most important question to ask when you buy your ceremonial cacao, is “who is the farmer?”  With Seleno Cacao products, you can not only receive an answer to that question, you can virtually meet the farmer as well.


Seleno are the only company I have found who offer full transparency with their products and batch test their products to better understand their therapeutic benefits.  Its for these reasons that they are the only products I feel comfortable using, PLUS they taste delicious!


Click here to meet Arturo, the custodian of the trees whose fruits created this beautiful cacao:


The Uturunku (Quecha language - Jaguar) in Andean cosmovision represents the Kay Pacha - the natural world of the here and now. This very rare and special ceremonial paste is hand-crafted from indigenous cacao in Tarapoto, Peru, in honour of the Uturunku. It is grown organically under the natural shade of the jungle canopy and each pod is carefully hand-selected by our artisanal farmer to ensure the quality and potency of each block they produce.


Made with love and pure intention, it is blessed and provides high-vibrational energy, with reverence for Peru's ancient ceremonial cacao traditions.


Sensations: Intense satisfaction, embodiment, connection, spiritual awakening, joy and happiness.


Flavours: Earthy, nutty, fruity.


Best for: Embodiment, trauma release, meditation, awakening, internal journeying, enhancing dream states.


Ingredients: 100% Pure organic ceremonial cacao.

Uturunko ~ Seleno Ceremonial Cacao 500g

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