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The New Moon energy is the perfect time for going inwards, meditating and reflecting on what you want to achieve.


To help you on your journey, I have created this simple to use worksheet, with full instructions, which you can use to make the most of this energy by getting clear on your intentions and manifesting your goals.


You can use this worksheet as a one off or reuse it for each New Moon to help you in designing your dream life!

This worksheet also comes with an invitation to join our monthly Online New Moon Circle, where we will work on manifesting our dreams together.

You can read more about these monthly events on our Special Events Page.

$15 a month give you access to both the New Moon and Full Moon Circle plus the downloadable worksheets for each of one.

Or you can join just one buy booking a space for $10!

At each circle we will work through a specially curated worksheet and then join in meditation before finishing with some time to chat about the experiences.

Life is what YOU decide to create from it.

New Moon Ritual ~ Master Workbook

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