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Subtle Energy Therapy

Combining Reiki & Marma Point Therapy together with essential oils and sound healing for a deeply restorative, blissful experience.

Reiki & Marma Point Therapy

Do you suffer from anxiety and want to find a natural way of reducing the impact it has on your life?  Is meditation difficult for you?  Do you struggle to focus or find stillness?  Are you looking to realise a new level of peace and bliss?  


If you would like to find an alternative, gentle approach to helping you achieve balance and harmony, quiet your mind and allow your body to heal, you may benefit from a private subtle energy relaxation therapy session. 


Combining Reiki and Marma Point Therapy together with sound healing and essential oils for a deeply restorative, blissful meditative experience. 


Working on relaxing the body and opening up the natural energy paths so you feel refreshed and energised  This safe, nurturing experience will allow your parasympathetic nervous system to fully engage as you settle down into Rest & Digest mode.


Some benefits you may experience are


~ stress & anxiety reduction

~ encourages relaxation & calming of the adrenals

~ assists with the immune system through creating a state within the body for best recovery

~ pain relief

~ chakra balancing

~ overall improved emotional, mental and physical well-being

Sessions take place at our safe and nurturing Yoga & Wellness Sanctuary in Thorneside, QLD.  For bookings click below or contact me direct on

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