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This training is for women who are ready to rise, to step into their sacred feminine energy and begin truly living their life purpose.


It is for women who are exhausted, stressed out and fed up with constantly feeling as though they are only just surviving.  Who want to connect with their inner desires, start thriving.


It is for women who are tired of racing around, who feel constantly busy yet they are not achieving what they want in life.


It is for women who are dedicated to creating a better life for themselves, and all those around them.  their family, community, work place.


It is for women who are ready and willing to make the commitment, to engage with the teachings and do the work required to make these changes their new reality.


If you are this woman, then I am here for you, 100% devoted and ready to begin guiding you to a life of satisfaction and success.

Whether you are looking to make changes in  your personal life, or your work.  This immersive training will help you establish the core teachings so you can succeed in all areas of your life. 



This training isn’t purely about upgrading your career, getting rich or becoming a super human.


It is about enriching your whole life and the teachings can be applied to every aspect of your day, from your career to parenting, to how you spend your free time.  It is a training dedicated to you.  To knowing who YOU are, how YOU operate and how YOU can take control of your decisions and life to find happiness in the everyday.



Over 8 live trainings you will learn how to

~ shift your perceptions

~ cultivate a mindset of Abundance

~ prioritise your needs

~ elevate your self worth

~ value your time and wisdom

~ recognise limiting beliefs that may be holding you back

~ redefine your relationship with money

~ begin aligning your life with your personal cycles

~ discover your Dharma, what lights you up, what are you being called to do?


PLUS so much more.


  • training is immersive and feminine in nature. We meet regularly to study each module and then implement the teachings into our lives. Making small, steady changes to create long lasting habits.


We also connect regularly in our private chat group to share our experiences over this period and beyond.  Creating a community of likeminded women to support you along the way.


Not everything is online.  You also receive a printed manual and workbook as well as other tangible gifts to make your journey as easy as possible.



Path of the Sacred Feminine Personal Development Group Coaching

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