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Support is important, but accountability is what gets s*#t done!



You may know what you have to do but without someone holding you accountable, reminding you of what's important and advising you along the way, its easy to stray from the path.


This is true whether in business or life. Think of how much better you succeed in health journeys when part of a group. Its why group fitness is so popular.


In the 90's my Nan used to go to Weight Watchers weekly weigh ins, damn if she didn't suddenly start keeping to her off again, on again diet once that started!


Think of how well you perform when you have a deadline coming up. You could have had months to prepare but in those last few moments leading up to d-day, suddenly you're performance skyrockets and you not only finish what you started, you outperform your wildest expectations!


When you engage me as your Accountability Mentor, THIS 👆 is what happens.


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This package is for clients who really want to make an impact and and includes:

  • One 60 minute introductory session
  • Five 30 minute sessions*
  • Six weekly check ins via Whats App to keep you on track between calls.




One free 30 minute bonus session to be held whenever you need it!


Once purchased you will be sent a link to book in for your first appointment.  Future appointments will be booked in after your first live call.


These sessions are seriously game changing so if you are ready to put in the work then I am here for you. 110% devoted and ready to help you succeed.


*all sessions excluding the bonus session are to be completed within 4 months of the first session

Accountability & Mentoring Sessions - Lets get Serious Package!

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