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Factory Farming ~ Legalised Cruelty

No cage should keep you captive,

Nor bars hold you confined.

Your soul is pure, untarnished,

Unlike those of human kind.


You don’t merit these horrors,

Bestowed on you at birth.

You deserve to feel the sunlight,

To truly know your worth


Your plight is one felt over,

And most will never see.

But we will continue fighting,

Till all of you are free.

Mother pig in a sow crate - Factory Farming
Trapped awaiting to give birth

From caged eggs, to farrowing crates, automatic milking machines and gas chambers. Factory farming has evolved over the past 100 years to minimise human involvement and maximise profits.

As more and more undercover reports come out showing the truth behind Australia's (and the worlds) meat, eggs and dairy industry, consumers are beginning to wake up and question the idealised picture they have been shown.

Farming is no longer a mum & pop operation, with some of Australia's richest residents, getting richer from the exploitation of animals. From cattle farmers to chicken "processors" animal agriculture is big business.

However in order to maximise the profits made, sacrifices also had to take place, always on behalf of the animals welfare. Hence the term "factory farming" was coined as famers attempted to streamline their production.

With animals kept in unnatural environments, pigs that would normally dwell in a river setting caged or trapped in stalls with no bedding to comfort them, sores forming on their skin from bars rubbing constantly against them.

Chickens whose natural instincts are to roost in trees, kept locked inside sheds that stink of ammonia, their bodies malformed from selective breeding, never allowed out to feel the sun on their feathers.

Cattle penned in feedlots with limited shade, fed a mix of grains designed to fatten them up for slaughter as quickly as possible.

All in the pursuit of profits.

Unlike many areas of injustice in the world here you actually have a voice, you can vote with your dollars and say No to this cruelty by refusing to purchase any animal products.


Go to Animals Australia to read more about the different areas of Factory Farming and the horrors it uncovered.

Watch Dominion below and witness yourself the horrors that await these magnificent creatures once they can no longer be exploited for profit by their “owners”.


Become a member at Coast to Coast Animal Friends and support their ongoing commitment to stopping animal abuse in Australia.  


You can also join the Facebook groups by clicking the link below and attending as many in person events in your state as possible.

We will never be silenced

💕Lia xoxo


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