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Dilectio Chèvre ~ Vegan Cheese Review Australia

Dilectio's Chèvre is the first vegan goats style cheese I have come across and I was fascinated to see how they had gone about creating it. The flavour of Chèvre tends to be quite distinctive, and usually varies depending on what herbs and grasses the animal has been feeding on, a trait I thought may be hard to recreate!

I was so excited to try this cheese I didn't even make it home before breaking into the package for a taste! Luckily I managed to not devour the whole round before I took some photos of it...

With a delicious firm rind of mould on the outside, this cheese holds its shape perfectly when cut, while inside the texture is creamy and sticky with a pervasive herbaceous savour.

The secret to the unique taste comes from a specially cultivated combination of 14 different plants, which the creative geniuses at Dilectio have blended together to recreate the traditional nuances of a French goats cheese.

Dilectio Vegan Cashew Chevre Goats Cheese Australia
Dilectio Vegan Cashew Chevre Goats Cheese Australia

The pungent palate of the cheese was the perfect compliment to one of my favourite toast toppings, middle eastern spiced pumpkin, as it's not overwhelmed by the spices and the creamy texture added another level to the dish.

As traditional goat cheese rises in popularity the increase in baby goats being murdered for their mothers milk rise concurrently. Alongside the traditional cows dairies, boy goat offspring are classed as “wastage” and they are often killed for their flesh from a young as a day old.

This “cheese” shows that we don’t need to continue the exploitation of animals to enjoy exceptional culinary experiences!

I purchased my cheeses from the wonderful team at The Green Edge Vegan Supermarket in Windsor, QLD but for a full range of stockists Australia wide click here: or you can order online through the Dilectio website.

Dilectio Vegan Cashew Chevre Goats Cheese Australia
Dilectio Vegan Cashew Chevre Goats Cheese Australia

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Bon Appétit!

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*Please note this is not a sponsored post, I review when I find something I love!


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