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Why I will never support Horse Racing

This past week a number of Brisbane animal rights activists from Coast to Coast Animal Friends took to the floor at various Harvey Norman stores across the state to shine a light upon the horse racing’s industry’s dirty secrets.

**Trigger warning** When I wrote this post the horror of what I had seen was still fresh and my words below are honest and uncompromising.

Every year thousands of racehorses are discarded and sent to slaughter, a wastage product of the racing industry. Trained to race from as young as 2 years old, despite not maturing until around 5 to 7 years of age, injuries are common.

Instead of being given a chance at retirement, or euthanised if injured and their bodies cremated or buried, they are instead being brutally slaughtered.  In some cases transported across state lines, so as not to draw attention to where they eventually end up, whilst squeezing a few more dollars profit from the animals abused bodies. 

Their decapitated, mutilated bodies turned into packets of flesh, some sent overseas for human consumption, the majority staying here in Australia to feed another of Australia racing “elite”.  The greyhound.

Horse racing NSW guidelines state that no race horse may be disposed of by sending it to the slaughterhouse.  A regulation of which all trainers and breeders are aware of, yet this rule is constantly being flaunted by the “Magic Man” Gerry Harvey amongst others.

A recent expose by Farm Transparency project shows GH branded horses being executed at Kancool Pet Meat knackery.  When questioned about this breach of industry rules, Gerry Harvey apologised but stated he didn’t think it was a “hanging offence”.

In the racing industry horses are trained to race from as young as 2 years old, despite not maturing until around 5 to 7 years of age. This results in an increase in injuries as they

Another example of mankinds pursuit of profit at the expense of the animal.


Go to to read more about the investigation and the horrors it uncovered.

Watch the videos below and witness yourself the horrors that await these magnificent creatures once they can no longer be exploited for profit by their “owners”.


Join the Coalition for Protection of Racehorses and add your voice to the many who want to see horse racing banned in Australia.

Become a member at Coast to Coast Animal Friends and support their ongoing commitment to stopping animal abuse in Australia.  


You can also join the Facebook groups by clicking the link below and attending as many in person events in your state as possible.

Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses Favebook

Coast to Coast Animal Friends Facebook

We will never be silenced

💕Lia xoxo


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