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My Story

:ia Skye Hikes Mount Cordeaux for Sunrise

I'm a wilderness loving, animal rights activist with a passion for yoga, french food, getting outdoors and being active.  

I'm happiest when I'm immersed in nature and hopefully, through my adventures, I can inspire and encourage others to  get outside and explore the beautiful locations  South East Queensland has to offer.  

I share my days between living by the beach where I raise my three beautiful children, practice yoga and meditation, and ride my SUP along the coastline, and living in a van.  Hiking, climbing and falling off my board at different beaches and national parks in New South Wales and Queensland.

To me life is all about integration, I believe you should do what you love everyday.  Not just wait till the weekend.

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Cant get enough of me? Drop your details below and I'll infiltrate your mail box with recipes, tips and random musing for your amusement!

Lia Skye Vegan Vanlife Recipes
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